School Of Hard Blocks Express Life’s Unfathomable Letdowns


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School of Hard Blocks Tell of the Ominous Calamities Life has to Offer!

Let the School of Hard Blocks teach your kids life’s unfathomable letdowns or just forget it and let them figure it out on their own, as we did.

Based on the well-known virtual college and idiom, the School of Hard Knocks, these  12 concrete blocks will destroy any illusions your child has of rainbows and unicorns later in life.

Who cares that D stands for dog! These alphabet blocks teach your children the important things in life, like D stands for Diabetes if you keep eating those triple cheeseburgers, Divorce when Daddy cheats on Mommy; or Depression when you simply have no more answers.

The apocalyptic lessons of life’s undeniable toils and snares cannot be expressed any more bluntly than with the School of Hard blocks.

They are made of concrete, so when the D for divorce arrives in life, don’t use them as weapons against that evil ex.

Just go out back and chuck one as hard as you possibly can; they are made of concrete.

Then, you can prevent the D for diabetes by getting some extra exercise by walking down the hill and retrieving it.

The more trials hit you, the more exercise you’ll have to keep you from uselessly dredging through day after day!

Other Uses For School of Hard Blocks

School of Hard Blocks Games

If your life is easy peasy with cream cheesy, you can use these blocks for games!

There are several suggestions on the back of the box to use these blocks for games like ice-breakers, drinking games (if your life is like these blocks, you are already drinking, but now you can have fun), playing charades, or just spelling out some curse words to release the frustration!

School of Hard Blocks Conversation Starter

These hilarious blocks can be displayed like in the photos on your desk at home or at the office! Coworkers will love them, except for the O for overachieving coworkers who will likely rat you out or file a complaint.

School of Hard Blocks As Kids’ Toys

Technically, you could give this set of blocks to kids if you want to teach them a lesson on property damage and restitution, but it is probably best to just use them as a teaching tool.

Where to Buy the School of Hard Blocks


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