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Schoolhouse Rock Bill Plush Character But He’s Not Just A Bill


You can now get the Schoolhouse Rock Bill Plush Character as a bill and a law!

He was Just a Depressed Middle Aged Bill Sitting on Captial Hill, Until the President Signed him Then he Became a Law!

You may not remember the 1970’s cartoon character, but the Schoolhouse Rock Bill plush character will bring really fun memories to the forefront for those who do.  The cartoon launched in 1976.  The song “I’m Just A Bill” still plays in the memories of those who remember it.

The song, sung by the bill, is intertwined with a dialogue with a young boy.  The song describes how a bill becomes a law by being passed through both houses of congress then signed or vetoed by the president.

In the story, the bill is a proposal for school buses to stop at railroad crossings.  Although, he becomes a law on the show, the law was never passed on a federal level.

You can even get the memorable Schoolhouse Rock Character becomes a law.

These 9.5 inch plush characters for anyone involved in or who follow politics.  If you are looking for a cool gift for a history teacher, this would be the one.  If you happen to draw the person in the office that never shuts up about politics for a gift, it would be very apropropriate.

Where To Buy The School House Rock Bill Plush Character and Law Character

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