Screaming Goat Toy Unleashes A Bizarrely Hilarious Scream


The Screaming Goat Toy Would Arouse Laughter at a Funeral (Maybe not from Everybody)!

There is not doubt Screaming Goats are evidence of God’s sense of humor.  Now you can take the Screaming Goat Toy wherever you go without having to clean up their mess!

Quiet honestly if you can answer why these Screaming Goats have to belt out such a blood curling scream, I have a lot more questions for you.

Regardless, I can’t help but laugh whenever I hear it and you will too.  The Screaming Goat is great desktop toy at the office. when things are tense or you just want to cut through the deafening silence.

It also makes a fun toy for kids or teens.  When someone is feeling down or sick, this is a great distraction.

Those aspects are why this makes a great gift for Yankee Swap or White Elephant parties!

Screaming Goat Toy

Simply push down on the back of the goat or press the stump to unleash a hilarious holler that will stun any unsuspecting bystander.

Along with the Screaming Goat, when you buy from Vat19 through our link below, you will get a mini coloring book containing 32 pages of fun facts and Screaming Goat Trivia.

Screaming Goat Video

Where to buy the Screaming Goat Toy

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