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Scribit Drawing Robot Draws AND Erases Its Own Drawings


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Scribit Drawing Robot is Your Personal Automated Artist that Writes, Draws, And Erases

Toddlers Revolt!  You have been getting in trouble for this for decades!  Now the Scribit Drawing Robot gets away with it scott free!  But then again, it does clean up it’s mess.  The artistic automated robot connects via your wifi and can design business menus or storefronts, wall art, or data driven presentations.

Designs can be created by the use of 24 differing markers with 4 default colors of black, blue, red and yellow.The big draw is the ease of use.  You do not have to be a gadget guru to use it.  There are 4 simple steps to set it up.

Simply attach the unit to its wired 2D axis pinned to the upper corner of the wall.  Load any graphic image, be it text, photo or any other and it will accurately “trace” the image to your wall.  The Scribit Drawing Robot will also remember the last image and retain the ability to erase when needed.

Where to Buy The Scribit Drawing Robot

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