Stackable Auto Measure Spice Carousel Is Ideal For Space Saving


The Auto Measure Spice Carousel will store your spices within arms reach for years to come.

Tired of digging out spices stacked in your pantry?  The Auto Measure Spice Carousel rack is the most versatile kitchen gadget we have found! 

The spice carousel mounts under a cabinet or you can stack multiple carousels on the counter.  Use it at the stove or transported to the grill.  Best of all, the auto measure spice carousel does what it promises!  You have the option to shake and pour your spices or to automeasure. The package includes 12 canisters per rotating base.  Additional canisters can be purchased and stacked.  Personalize your carousel with the 55 spice labels included.

The auto measurements are 1/4 teaspoon per portion.  Additionally, open the lid on the removable canister to pour the amount desired.  Ultimately, the Select A Spice Auto Measure Carousel is the perfect birthday gift for the grill master or kitchen culinary artist.

Here is what one helpful customer had to say:

“I fill them with bulk spices rather than filling them from spice jars. Different spices age at different rates, some spices I get a few tablespoons, some spices I get many tablespoons. It is much much cheaper to buy bulk spices by the tablespoon instead of buying jars at the grocery store.
I can refill both carousels (24 spices) for maybe $8. This keeps my spices fresh and my spending is 1/20th of what it would cost me at the store buying jars….

The directions say to not store salts in them. Just like in a small jar, once opened the salts will absorb moisture and become hard. Garlic salt and garlic powder always harden on me in the jar, I don’t put them in this rack. It can’t perform miracles. I always close everything tightly, my wife doesn’t, guess what happens if the top or bottom door is not shut properly….

It also helps to fully seat the dispenser fully on the rack- that way the bottom has the ‘seal’ of being locked in the rack, and then the bottom door is also closed….I have not had a big problem with moisture and most spices. This will depend a little bit upon where you live- I lived in the Pacific Northwest of the USA- 42 sunny days a year, rain or clouds the rest, and of course- lots of humidity.” – TechieBiologist

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