Unique Self Extinguishing Coil Candle Burns The Midnight Wick


The Self Extinguishing Coil Candle is a Self Timing Candle by the Hour.

The self extinguishing coil candle pulls from the original courting candles in colonial times.  The original beeswax candles could be used to safely extinguish themselves or be set as a timer with each inch burning for approximately 20 minutes.  Now you can burn your candle by the hour in the same fashion.

What was the self extinguishing coil candle used for?

According to legend, the courting candle was used by fathers from all economic backgrounds. It taught daughters to respect their parents’ judgment. The unique candle also taught the suitor to defer to the father’s ability to judge a man . . . the courting candle served as an important boundary line in the family and social fabrics.

What are the modern benefits of the coil candle?

The legendary ritual may be outdated, but, the beautiful design still makes for a very unique decor.  It also makes for a safe candle to burn. As you pull the wick through the clip, it will burn for 20 minutes per inch.  Once the inch of wick has burned, it will extinguish itself.  In addition, the coil design and metal base prevent the candle from toppling over.

The self extinguishing coil candle comes in varying forms.  The vertical candle comes with a simple metal base and clip.  The horizontal candle has a center mounting bar that clips into the metal frame.  The candles come in 48 hour, 60 hour, and 80 hour wick lengths.  Once the candle is used up, you can refill it with the candle length of your choosing.

The coil candle makes a very unique housewarming gift, wedding gift, or very affordable gift for any other occasion.

Where to Buy the Self Extinguishing Coil Candle

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Here is what they are saying about the coiled rope candle:

“I had never seen a self-extinguishing candle, so that alone made it special. The look of it with copper hardware is just beautiful – a look of yesteryear so popular today. It truly is a conversation piece as well!” – Terri

I love this candle. Everyone who sees it asks about it. If it’s not lit, they don’t realize it’s a candle. It works exactly as it is supposed to…extinguishes by itself.” – Rita

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