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Selpic S1 Portable Printer: A Handheld Inkjet Printer With Quick Dry Waterproof Ink


Selpic S1 Portable Printer is a Handy Portable Inkjet Printer, Compatible with Android & iOS, for Customized Printing of Text, Barcodes, or Other DIY Projects.

Selpic S1 Portable Printer is the first quick dry handheld printer in the world.  The most advanced inkjet printing technology and commercial quality ink enhance the ability to print on virtually any surface.

Since the Selpic S1 Printer can print on any surface, it makes a great handheld inkjet printer for projects such as printing on mugs, T-shirts, personalized gifts, or customized cards for any occasion.

The Selpic S1 Portable Printer connects wirelessly through WiFi to any iOS or Android smartphone.  The ergonomic design is both comfortable to use and small enough to transport anywhere on the go.  The newest version, in limited colors at this posting, is the Selpic S1+ Portable Printer increases the head size by a half inch to a total head size of 1″.  If you prefer the larger head size you can both can be found through our link.

When paired with your smartphone, the Selpic App intuitively prints logos, QR codes, or virtually any other customized design or text you need to print.  Simply input your design or text through the app to the handheld printer to get amazing results.

The high quality refillable ink cartridges supplied with the Selpic S1 Portable Printer print at a 30/300 ms speed and quickly dries in 3 seconds.

Where to Buy the Selpic S1 Portable Printer

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