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Shargeek Retro 67W Charger With A Macintosh Design


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The Shargeek Retro 67W Charger is Smaller, More Energy Efficient, and Faster at Charging!

The Shargeek Retro 67W charger is an ultra-tiny multi-charging station designed with a vintage Macintosh casing and equipped with state-of-the-art charging technology.

Producing fast charging capabilities, the USB-C charger is able to charge up to 3 devices using the top-mounted USB ports, while distributing charging power efficiently.

Shargeek Retro 67W Charger

It comes equipped with a real-time power display and a matrix-like digital rain to indicate charging status.

Shargeek Retro 67W Charger

How to Use The Shargeek 67W Charger

What makes the compact multi-charger so versatile is its ability to work in many applications and compatibility.

Shargeek Retro 67W charging stations are compatible with Apple, Samsung, Google, Dell, Lenovo, and more.

Charge Image and Video Equipment

The Retro 67W makes a great gift for content creators who need to keep their equipment continuously and simultaneously charged.

Keep Your Devices Charged At The Office

The compact charging station is perfect to keep your desk organized while charging your phone, laptops, and portable power banks.

Travel Charger

With dimensions of  2.25″ x 1.5″ x 1.85″ and weighing about the same as a cologne or perfume bottle, the Retro 67W multi-charging station easily fits in any travel bag for fast charging any device, anywhere.

Keep your devices fully charged with Retro 67 with multiple plug adapters available that work in most countries around the world.

At-Home Charging Station

The Shargeek charger can be placed anywhere in the home to charge phones, smartwatches, and many other family devices.

Perfect for a nightstand or at-home desktop application.

Shargeek Retro 67W Charger Technology & Performance

The Shargeek multi-charging station is an All-Gan charger which means it is able to conduct far higher voltages over time than silicon chargers.

It features a 6-point comprehensive safety protection system to ensure your devices are not damaged due to overcurrent, short-circuiting, or overheating.

Shargeek Retro 67W Charger

For example, when charging the Shargeek Retro 67W charger checks temperatures at a rate of 180,000 times per hour to ensure safety.

This little charging brick produces the power to fully charge your Macbook Air M2 in just 2 hours and your iPhone in just 1.

Where to Buy the Shargeek Retro 67W Charging Station

Shargeek Retro 67W Charger
Shargeek Retro 67W Charger
An Ultra-Tiny, Super Powerful Multi-Charging Station!
$39.00 $79.00

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