This Giant Shark Pool Floaty Is An Extraordinary Man Eater


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Float Around Your Poll in the Mouth of This Giant Man-Eating Shark!

If you love chillaxing in the mouth of the world’s most deadly predator, you’ll love the Big Mouth Giant Man-Eating Shark Pool Floaty.

Shark Pool Floaty

At approximately four feet wide and ultra-tough construction, the Bigmouth shark pool float is large enough to play pool games or simply unwind on the gently rocking water.

Shark Pool Floaty

The easily inflatable shark pool toy also acts as a portable shade while it meanders through the water looking for its next meal.

This shark float will make a splash at any outdoor gathering at the pool, lake, or beach.

Shark Pool Floaty

Kids of all ages will love these shark floats for pool play while reenacting their favorite Jaws scene.

When the fun is over, these shark pool floats are easy to deflate, and store.

Where to Buy the Big Mouth Man-Eating Shark Pool Floaty

Giant Man-Eating Shark Pool Float
Giant Man-Eating Shark Pool Float
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