Shed Defender Onesie: An Awesome Multipurpose Outfit For Dogs


The Shed Defender Bodysuit for Dogs is the Last Outfit Your Dog Will Ever Need!

Are the walls and corners of your home accented with the puffy décor of dog hair? Is your furniture textured with an aftermarket weave of your canine’s mane? Nothing says I am a pet owner quite like going to work with the hairy outer layer of your four legged friend covering your clothing, am I right?

The Shed Defender is amazing for reducing your hairy pal’s shedding all over the house. The Shed Defender Onesie also works for transporting them in your vehicle, making a visit in the office, or going to friends or family’s to visit.

The Shed Defender Onesie is a snug outfit for dogs who have anxiety, similar to a Thunder Shirt, except for the hole body. You can use the onesie to cover recent surgery incisions, hotspots, or skin conditions. The full cover onesie will keep your dog warm while going on those cold walks and prevent ticks and fleas when playing in the back yard. When your dog goes outside just unzip it so they can mark or relieve themselves without any worries.

The Shed Defender Onesie comes in every size you will need to fit virtually any dog in your home. Sizes include fits for extra tiny dogs to the over grown dog that has their own couch. The onesies come in four different colors to surely satisfy almost any preference (Black, Red, Blue, Pink).

Vets approve of the Shed Defender Onesie for dogs and it is made of eco-friendly fabric, if that is important to you. The four way stretch material is super light-weight and allows for full motion when running the perimeter of their castle. It is breathable so it can be used in warm climates as well.

Shed Defender Bodysuit Sizes

Pricing Varies Based On Size

  • MINI (4-8 lbs)
  • XXS (8-12 lbs)
  • XS (12-18 lbs)
  • S (18-28 lbs)
  • M (28-45 lbs)
  • L (45-65 lbs)
  • XL (65-90 lbs)
  • XXL (90-140 lbs)

Where to Buy the Shed Defender Onesie For Dogs

  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • At you can purchase Shed Defender - Dog Onesie/Grooming -Contains The Shedding of Dog Hair, Reduce Anxiety, Replace Medical Cone for only $0.00
  • The lowest price of Shed Defender - Dog Onesie/Grooming -Contains The Shedding of Dog Hair, Reduce Anxiety, Replace Medical Cone was obtained on .

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