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Shine Toilet Cleaner Is An Automatic Chemical Free Way To Clean


The Shine Toilet Cleaner is Self Sufficient and Cleans Toilet Tanks on Command!

Shine Toilet Cleaner is an automatic toilet cleaner that will provide the futuristic bathroom you need to alleviate some of your deep cleaning to do list.  No one likes toilet cleaning of fallen dingle berries, splatter or tinkle on the tank.  It is almost sub human to have to do so.  Now you can toilet clean hands and chemical free.

Personal bathroom assistants aren’t just for fancy restaurants any more.  The Shine Toilet Cleaner will be your very own personal latrine minion that is on duty 24 hours a day, literally.  Shine Toilet Cleaner’s AI technology, referred to as Sam, will constantly monitor your toilet for toilet cleaning, deodorizing, overflows, leaks and more.

How does the Shine Toilet Cleaner Work?

To clean your toilet with chemical free cleaning, just install the Shine Toilet Cleaner near your toilet in just a few minutes without any tools.  Fill the tank with water.  Insert the included cleaning pod with a water and salt solution.  When powered on, the Shine Toilet Cleaner creates an electrolyzed water solution that works better than bleach.

The folks at Shine claim this Japanese technology is used to clean Sushi.  Not sure if they are trying to sour people on Sushi or implying you can eat from your toilet, but we will take their word for it and move on.

The water solution evolves into a powerful cleaning solution that will spray into your toilet bowl when a flush is detected or simply on command breaking down the build up in your bowl and plumbing.

But, as previously stated, your toilet bowl is not the only place where the magic happens.  Sam, your personal AI bathroom assistant, can be sent commands through the phone app.  It is also Alexa compatible.  Clip Sam’s “stethoscope” to your external flexible water plumbing at your toilet.

Sam will connect to any Alexa device, track your water usage, as well as, diagnose and notify you through the app of any issues that need repair.  Sam can even send you the appropriate repair kit automatically.  Unfortunately, it cannot do the repair for you, as cool as that would be.

So, when you are too tired to get your phone and command a toilet cleaning, just tell Alexa to have Sam clean and deodorize your toilet for you and you will never have lifted the first finger.  One can be purchased for each bathroom in your home and individually controlled by the app or Alexa device.  Now your blowing through that to do list like a beast!

Does Shine Toilet Cleaner Work?

Anybody can show you before and after pictures.  The makers of Shine Toilet Cleaner claim their product was third party tested and compared against comparable products.  The results of those tests are below:The Shine Toilet Cleaner is easily and aesthetically placed on your toilet tank, mounted on the wall, or on a counter top or floor.  Everyone will appreciate the automatic Shine Toilet Cleaner except for your plumber.

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Where to Buy the Shine Toilet Cleaner

Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner
Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner
$124.99 $174.99

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