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Shocktato Party Game Is Shockingly Fun


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Shocktato Turns Hot Potato Into a Game for the Gutless.

If you are looking for a cool and fun party game,  The Shocktato party game is a must-have.  It’s an electrifying potato game, involving 2 or more players, that amps up the stakes of hot potato.

The electric shock game features 3 modes, level 1 is music only so the little ones can play.  When the music stops don’t be the one left holding it.

Level 2 ups the ante, when the music stops be prepared to be shocked.

ShockTato level 3 is not for the faint of heart.  Nothing left but silence and anticipation…..and the shock.  It’s anyone’s guess as to when the shock is delivered.

Electrical Contractor Magazine estimates that there are approximately 300,000 shock risk behaviors with nearly 30,000 non-fatal shock incidents per year.

That’s a 10% chance of shocking yourself for doing something stupid around electricity.  The Shocktato easily increases those chances to 50% with two players.

How To Play

The Shocktato game is simple.  Turn on the shock potato.  Set to desired level.

Then just start tossing it around and watch to see who has the funniest reaction to the jolt, everyone else can laugh at that persons expense!

Oh come on, we all do it, it’s just that no one will admit it.

The Objective

The first objective is to get the old fuddy duddies involved in the fun, then just pass the potato as quickly as possible to avoid the shock.

For Those With More Sinister Intentions

Turn the mode to extreme level and toss the potato at some one like a cooking hand grenade, and the fun begins.

The Shocktato game is a great gift for White Elephant parties, funny gag gifts, or a just because purchase.

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