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Runny Butt Squeeze Bottle Cap Splatters Flavor on Any Meal


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The Runny Butt Squeeze Bottle Cap by Sir Perky is the Tastiest way to Dung up your Sandwich or Meal!

Whether you’re having hotdogs, pancakes, sandwiches, or BBQ, the Sir Perky runny butt squeeze bottle cap will shock any recipient at your next gathering.  Post-torso eruptions aren’t just for after meals anymore!

Give him a case of the Tijuana Trots by loading him up with some A$$ Blaster Hot Sauce!  Make it look like he has a large bleeding rectal polyp by screwing the squeeze bottle cap onto a bottle of ketchup!

Smear runny maple syrup on your stack of pancakes, or have him dump some chocolate syrup all over your choice of ice cream.

Plug the squeeze bottle cap up to a bottle of grainy mustard and who knows what one can say happened to him, maybe that he has been eating from cat litter again.

No matter how you plan to use him, the Runny Butt Squeeze Bottle Cap by Sir Perky is a hilarious way to spread flavoring to your favorite meal.  It is made of durable plastic that will last and last.

He also comes equipped with an attached butt plug so he doesn’t leave splatter on your table or refrigerator shelf, because, as a once-famous commercial once said, “No one likes to look a splatter!”

The kids will love the Sir Perky novelty condiment bottle topper and so will the pranksters in your family.

Just make sure no one has taken a bite before you use this, you may have a bigger mess to clean up than you intended.

But, rest assured, when you break out the Runny Butt Squeeze Bottle Cap, hilarity will ensue!  He ranks near the top in novelty or white elephant party gifts.

Where to Buy the Sir Perky Novelty Condiment Bottle Topper

Sir Perky Novelty Condiment Bottle Top
Sir Perky Novelty Condiment Bottle Top

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