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The Runny Butt Squeeze Bottle Cap Splatters Your Favorite Condiment On Any Meal


The Runny Butt Squeeze Bottle Cap by Sir Perky is the Tastiest way to Dung up your Sandwich or Meal!

Whether your having hotdogs, pancakes, sandwiches, or BBQ, the Sir Perky runny butt squeeze bottle cap will shock any recipient at your next gathering.  Post-torso eruptions aren’t just for after meals any more!

Give him a case of the Tijuana Trots by loading him up with some A$$ Blaster Hot Sauce!  Make it look like he has a large bleeding rectal polyp by screwing the squeeze bottle cap onto a bottle of ketchup!

Smear runny maple syrup on your stack of pancakes, or have him dump some chocolate syrup all over your choice of ice cream.

Plug the squeeze bottle cap up to a bottle of grainy mustard and who knows what one can say happened to him, maybe that he has been eating from cat litter again.

No matter how you plan to use him, the Runny Butt Squeeze Bottle Cap by Sir Perky is a hilarious way to spread flavoring to your favorite meal.  It is made of durable plastic that will last and last.

He also comes equipped with an attached butt plug so he doesn’t leave splatter on your table or refrigerator shelf, because, as a once famous commercial once said, “No one likes to look a splatter!”

The kids will love the Sir Perky novelty condiment bottle topper  and so will the pranksters in your family.

Just make sure no one has taken a bite before you use this, you may have a bigger mess to clean up than you intended.

But, rest assured, when you break out the Runny Butt Squeeze Bottle Cap, hilarity will ensue!  He ranks near the top in novelty or white elephant party gifts.

Where to Buy the Sir Perky Novelty Condiment Bottle Topper

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  1. I’m still enjoying this every time someone wants the ketchup. I always just tell them to get it themselves out of the fridge. Everyone comes out with a big smile!

  2. Disgusting when used with the mustard bottle – which is exactly the point!!!

  3. Great gag gift LOL!

  4. Howard Marshall at

    7 to 15 year old boys think it’s super funny. 7 to 15 year old girls say they think its gross but secretly they also think its funny. On a practical note, (I know, I know, there is nothing practical about a novelty mustard squirt bottle top, just hear me out) the hard plastic is pretty slick and smooth so cleanup with a dry paper towel is easy (yes, you just wipe his butt and go) and the rubber stopper fits well and seals pretty good. As squeeze bottle top go, this one, though a novelty, is pretty ok.

  5. Funny talk piece.

  6. Jesse Johnson at

    I used to be like you – Poor, lonely, and just trying to float through my boring life. Are you tired of your monotonous existence full of tedium and woe? Well, with the Sir Perky bottle topper, all that can change. I went from being fat, broke, and alone to being surrounded by voluptuous women and swimming pools full of two-dollar bills. I’m still fat, but that’s beside the point. How did I make that change? Sir Perky! Yes, when my boss, my priest, and my mother-in-law witnessed the magic spewing from Sir Perky’s cavernous orifice, I knew my life would be changed forever. With your own Sir Perky bottle topper, you can make that change too.He is a truly adaptable being, based on your moods. Do you want him to eject fiery liquids as if he just ate a huge bowl of lamb vindaloo, Mountain Dew, and Chipotle? Then load him up with sriracha or brown mustard. Do you want him to excrete something that would warrant a trip to the hospital only to be revealed that he has 30 different types of rectal cancer? The screw him on a bottle of ketchup. O do you just want him to have a normal, healthy bowel-moving experience? Then allow some chocolate syrup to flow through him with the quickness of Hermes.With the Sir Perky bottle topper, your life can have meaning again. Are you ready for than change? Are you ready for Sir Perky?

  7. Claus S. Ch. at

    El producto Sir Perky no solo es divertido, sino que viene en material sólido de un color rojo brillante muy atractivo y una práctica tapadera de plástico blanco para tapar el orificio de salida cuando no se usa el producto. Muy recomendable, sobre todo para los solteros o las parejas que les gusta divertirse en sus desayunos, comidas y reuniones.

  8. Great white elephant gift!

  9. Hilarious. Good gift

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