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Slippers With Heaters Keep Your Feet Warm While Hybernating


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If You Want to Use Your Toes This Summer Keep them Warm This Winter!

ActionHeat slippers with heaters are designed to be stylish and comfortable and to keep your feet warm all winter long.

These cable knit slippers are made of a wool blend with a soft fuzzy lining and are a cozy option to lounge on a cold winter’s night.

The slippers with heaters in them are powered by tiny USB rechargeable 5v batteries that warm for up to 5 hours and slip right into the side pocket of the slippers.

Ultra-fine heating elements are strategically placed throughout the sole to warm the coldest part of your feet.
Slippers With Heaters in Them
Easily activate the heaters to three different temperatures by pressing the button on the top of each slipper.

Heat settings are low, medium, and high starting at 115F and warming as high as 150F. Each heat setting is indicated by color; blue for low, white for medium, and red for high.

Even at the highest setting, you will get 3.5 hours of pleasant warmth.

What makes these slippers unique is their 5v rechargeable batteries that can be used with any other 5V ActionHeat apparel such as their base layer shirts and pants, jackets, gloves, socks and more.

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