Smart Holder Saw Horse & Splitter


Git yer wood splittin’ done, lickety split like with the Smart Holder Saw Horse and Smart Splitter!

You will love how the Smart Holder Saw Horse and Smart Splitter cut your firewood work to an absolute minimum.  The sleek saw horse automatically secures your logs after sliding them in, making it impossible for the log to fall while cutting.  The unique claw design bites into logs with diameters of 1″ to 9″.   When your done, the smart holder fold flat in 15 seconds and makes for easy storage.

The slim Smart Splitter packs up to a 14 TON pressured punch when splitting logs.   The splitter drastically reduces shoulder and back pain from physical exertion.  Just place the blade on the log and throw down the weight driving the blade through your firewood.

Combined the Smart Holder Saw Horse & Splitter make a one person wrecking crew for any firewood duties that are soon to be needed.  The Smart Holder Saw Horse and Smart Splitter sell separately but make a great pair.

Here is what one satisfied customer had to say:

“The Smart-Holder Saw Horse does exactly what you need it to do: hold long logs in place so you can cut them to length. The Smart-Holder is solidly constructed and the set-up literally takes just seconds–you just unfold it, put the support arms in place and tighten two wingnuts to keep them secure. It’s best to place the Smart-Holder on a flat, level surface to ensure that the metal teeth can securely sink into the log and keep it parallel to the ground so you can cut it properly.

The upper teeth that hold the log in place are adjustable so you can work with large and medium sized logs (haven’t tried anything small yet). And since it holds logs at about 2 1/2 feet off the ground you don’t have to bend over to cut them–no more back pain. When the job is done, the Smart-Holder folds flat for easy storage. I’ve used it for a few weeks now and it worked like a charm every time.” – TR

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