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Pix Backpack Is The World’s 1st Programmable Backpack With LED Lights


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The Pix Backpack will Display Your Favorite Pixel Art Programmed Directly From Your Phone or Tablet!

Pix Backpacks blast past other backpacks with LED lights that simply display or blink an image.  Now you can display your uniquely designed image, animation, or widget.

You can even play fun retro games with your friends!

How to Set Up the Pix Backpack

The Pix Backpack is powered by any power bank with a 2A output.  Plug the interior USB cord into the power bank.

Download the free iOS or Android app to your phone or tablet.  Connect the Pix Backpack with your smart device.

The LED backpack display can be designed and turned on through the app.  Use the image editor in the app to draw your very own image, text, or animation.

When you’re done, turn on the image and it will display on the back of the flexible LED backpack.

You will have new friends following you around like dogs with a steak in your pocket.

The Pix Backpack is durable and water-repellent!

Regardless of the bending or wet weather, your unique display will be clearly visible to the world, or at least the tiny section you are in.

We haven’t forgotten that this is still a backpack, albeit a cool one.

These popular backpacks come with 10 storage pockets and can handle up to a 15″ laptop, making sure you have plenty of room to pack what you need for the day or night.

Pix has also released their Pix Mini Backpack for the little ones, because why should the adults have all the fun?

The Pix Backpack Mini comes in Black, Pink, Teal, and Orange colors and also with posture support.

These animated backpacks will make a great gift for kids, whether in college or elementary school.

They even work to make your student visible when riding a bicycle.

Where to Buy the Pix Backpack With LED Lights


Pix Programmable Mini Backpack With Led Lights
Pix Programmable Mini Backpack With LED Lights
$99.00 $159.00
Pix Programmable Backpack With Led Lights
Pix Programmable Backpack With LED Lights
$169.00 $199.00

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