Smart Space Heater: Alexa, Google Home, & WIFI Compatible


Smart Space Heater: Alexa, Google Home, & WIFI Compatible

Portable Smart Space Heater for Home or Office

Combine a small portable space heater with a smart space heater and this is what you get!

A portable space heater that connects to any Alexa or Google Home device for voice control and has the option of remote control through the Smart Life App on your phone.  This efficient space heater has two output options at 500W for high heat and 300 watts for low heat.  The retro look reminds you of a the old portable radios.  The handy heater has a fire retardant outer body and cut off for tipping over and overheating.  Easily transport the heater from floor to table top with the convenient top leather handle.  You can set the timer to reserve your personal heater in ON/OFF condition, reduce standby power consumption and overall heating costs.  Makes the perfect gadget gift for those living on the lower end of the thermostat.  Those with less mobility will appreciate the voice and remote control features.

Here is what one promising review had to say:

"Using on my nightstand, this adds a little additional warmth on a cold night. The device is easy to use and syncs with Amazon Alexa seamlessly. Not great for heating a large space, but perfect for a bedside table or at your feet in the living room. Nicely designed with a sleek, modern look. Two thumbs up!" - Stephen Eich


What are your suggestions for staying warm with Summer fades away?

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