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Portable Smart Space Heater: Alexa, Google, & WIFI Compatible


Combine a space heater with a smart technology and get the Atomi Smart Space Heater!

A portable space heater that connects to any Alexa or Google Home device for voice control. Turn up the heat with the easy touch digital control panel or remote control through the Atomi Smart App on your phone.  This powerful space heater has 1500 watts of power that will blast heat rays to heat up 100 sq ft in not time!

The handy heater has a fire retardant outer body and cut-off for tipping over and overheating.  The Atomi Smart Space heater will notify you on your phone when it tips over.  Wifi automacially reconnects after a power outage to your home.

Easily transport the lightweight oscillating heater from floor to table top with the built in carry handle.  You can preheat your space using the app on your phone with 3 heat settings of high, low, or eco mode.

PTC ceramic heating technology is quiet and gets your space warmed to 70° in 2-seconds flat.  Experience life a little easier….and warmer with this Atomi Smart Space Heater.

If you are looking to find a similar heater for a larger area, check out the Atomi Smart Wifi Tower Heater on eBay that heats up to 750 sq ft.

Where to Buy the SmartHome Smart Space Heater

Atomi Smart Portable Heater
Atomi Smart Portable Heater
Smart Wi-Fi 1500-Watt Electric Personal Portable Ceramic Oscillating Table Top Space Heater with Digital Touch Screen

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