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Smile Modular Shelving System Has Shelves Made From Repurposed Chopsticks


Smile Modular Shelving System Blends Recycling with a Minimalist Design for Unique Shelves.

Smile Modular Shelving system transforms over 4,000 chop sticks into an awesome wall mounted shelving system.  Smile was purposefully engineered to modify to your approach to decor.

The simple frame of the Smile Modular Shelving System brings out the uniqueness of your wood shelving complexity.  These subtle designer shelves will pop on any blank wall in your home, office, or boutique.

The shelving frames are made of recycled steel with a matte black finish and you can choose your choice of wood color from natural to walnut or almond.  The wood is treated with a vegetable oil that determines the color out come.

Clean lines and space saving ability is a pretty good benefit for using 4,000 of over 1 billion chopsticks used every year and thrown away.

The Smile Modular Shelving System is a great way to save chopsticks in an eco-friendly way.  Our favorite way is to place the chopsticks between our thumb and forefinger on one and then raise the other and ask the waitress for a fork.

The sleek fashionable shelving system is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter at the time of this post.  Early Bird savings get you 32% OFF starting at $65 dollars.

Where to Buy the Smile Modular Shelving System

Smile Modular Shelving System
Smile Modular Shelving System
High End Sustainable Minimalist Shelving
$65.00 $95.00

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