Snow Globe Wine Glass For Your Favorite Christmas Spirit


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Wine and Chill with this Snow Globe & Wine Glass Combo!

This Snow Globe Wine Glass has an actual winter scene snow globe attached to the base where you can hold 12 oz of your favorite Christmas spirit and watch the flurries of winter after each drink.

When the presents have been opened, the meals have been served, and the visitors have gone, your gonna need to chill for a few.

Pour your favorite wine into this wine glass, sit by the fire, and let the stress melt away as you watch the comforting view of snow falling right at the base of your glass.

Snow Globe Wine Glass

Not for you?  Buy this as a gift!

Snow globe collectors will love this combination of a wine glass that features an actual working snow globe with a snowman, an evergreen tree, and beautiful sparkling snow that falls after every sip.

If you are looking for a gift for the wine enthusiast, snow globe lover, or white elephant gift, they will love this chilling combo.

Where to Buy the Snow Globe Wine Glass

Snow Globe Wine Glass
Snow Globe Wine Glass

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