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This Solar Lighter Uses Parabolic Mirrors to Spark Your Fire


The Suncase Solar Fire Starter Harnesses Concentrated Solar Power for Efficient and Immediate Ignition.

The Suncase solar lighter is an ultra-compact solar fire starter that instantly achieves temperatures of up to 752° F through its parabolic mirrors.

Obtaining this intense heat allows the solar fire starter to ignite all types of fuel sources to include wood, paper, tobacco, and even incense.

Solar Lighter Parabolic Reflector Spark

The unbreakable mirrors, a free worldwide energy source, waterproof capsule and integration with gas lighters make the Suncase the perfect 24 hour lighter for anywhere & anyone.

The retractable wings fold out and provide a steady grip.  When retracted, the emergency survival lighter can be slipped into your pocket or backpack for easy storage.

Dual Energy Sources

In addition to the parabolic mirrors harnessing the sun’s energy, the Suncase integrates with BIC mini J25 lighters for use at night or on cloudy days.

How do You Use a Solar Lighter?

Place the fuel source between the extensible clips.  Then open the parabolic mirrors then emergency solar fire starter to where the focal point of the light is on the bottom of the fuel source.

Solar Lighter Parabolic Reflector Spark

What is the Best Fire Starter?

The best fire starters are often the easiest to ignite.  For quickly igniting fuel sources you can use tree pitch (sap) , shavings of wood such as pine, birch and other softer woods.

Less natural sources include cotton balls or dryer lint.  Additional fuel sources include straw, twigs, charcoal or cardboard.

Solar Lighter Parabolic Reflector Spark

Use the parabolic fire starter to light your BBQ grill, campfire, or light a cigar.

The parabolic fire starter makes a great gift for anyone on your list, except for an arsonist of course.

Where to Buy the Suncase Solar Fire Starter

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