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Solar Powered Lights For Camping & Easy Storage


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The best solar powered lights for camping are quickly charged, lightweight, and easy to store in your backpack or vehicle.

We have found the solar powered lights for camping that fit all three requirements for your outdoor adventure.  The collapsible camping led hanging lights are ready to go with USB turbo charging or solar power.    The lanterns hang by the built in hook and have 3 solar panels preparing for the darkness when expanded.

You can easily choose between three lighting functions, low, high and SOS.  These LED solar camping lights make the perfect gift for those who enjoy camping, hiking, night fishing, or simply enjoy a good book on the back porch.

The lights are adjustable for any environment by hanging, standing on their own or laying flat on a table or the ground.  The panels with 18 LED bulbs folds into packing form that is shorter than an iPhone 6 Plus to easily store in your backpack.

The purpose of the lanterns design is to adapt to your needs in differing environments.  The 3 clover lamp shades are adjustable to direct lighting in multiple angles.  A smart protection chip protects the lantern from over-charging, over-discharging, which guarantees safe utilization.  Using these solar powered lights for camping let you worry less about set up and more about adventure.

Where to Buy the Solar Powered Lights For Camping

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