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Suntable Solar-Powered Wireless Charging Station With 360° Bluetooth Speakers


Suntable is a Solar-Powered Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Charging Station with a Convenient Charging Shelf.

Suntable is the world’s only solar-powered wireless charging station with an induction charging shelf where you can enjoy 360 degree sound through JBL speakers.

The Suntable wireless charging table can be converted from an outside table to an indoor countertop charger with bluetooth speakers.

The convenient charging shelf is an induction charger pad providing recharging power for compatible phones.

The induction charging pad under the tabletop keeps your devices withing reach and shaded to prevent overheating.  The Suntable also has USB charging ports for mobile phones that are not.

The solar powered charging station for mobile phones harnesses the suns energy through the table top solar panels to charge the built in ion-lithium battery.

Cloudy outside?  No worries the provided charging port keeps your wireless charging station charged regardless of the weather.

The battery charges in four hours for plenty of power to keep your mobile phones, tablets, and more charged and ready to go.

The Suntable makes a great wireless charging station whether your at the pool, on the deck or relaxing under a shade tree.

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Suntable Wireless Charging Table
Suntable Wireless Charging Table
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