Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Is An Extra Loud Bed Shaker


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The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock will Wake The Sleeping Dead

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is the last option to wake the hard sleeper, unless, of course, you consider live munitions.

This extra-loud dual alarm clock with a bed shaker will shock and wake anyone of any age who has trouble coming back to life after a hard night’s sleep.

At 113db, you’ll jump out of bed to sound equivalent to a live rock concert. The powerful bed shaker is powered by 12V. That is like hooking up the super shaker bed vibrator to your car battery.

Don’t want to wake everyone in the house?  Set the bed shaker without the sound to reanimate the dead.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

There is little doubt that the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is the world’s loudest alarm clock available.

Time and alarm settings on the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock are backed up by battery for a week.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

If you want a little something less for your junior sleep zombie, check out the Bomb Jr. Alarm Clock.  But don’t expect it to be much less.

You will still get 102 dB which is as loud as a powered lawn mower with a 6V bed shaker.

You can even use a Sonic Bomb travel clock for on-the-road.

Where to Buy the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Last update was on: January 3, 2023 06:24

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