Sound Activated LED T Shirt With Flashing Light Equalizer


The Sound Activated LED T Shirt will Make you the LIGHT of the Party!

Don’t just be the light of the party, be the talk of the party with this Sound Activated LED T Shirt with light up equalizers.  The equalizer reacts to music and other sounds and are an excellent accessoriy for parties, attending concerts, or when you are performing.

The LED equalizer is activated and controlled by a built in sound sensor.   When the music starts, the beat of the music is displayed through the equalizer.

Before things get too out of hand, make sure you have your unspillable beer glasses to drink from.

The shirt runs on 2 AAA batteries that are inserted into a belt clipped battery case.  The adjust able sound sensor can operate for 4-6 hours at a time.

The sound activated LED T shirt is also equipped with a cloth tube for the small cable to connect inside the shirt and protect from skin irritation.

Where to Buy the Sound Activated LED T Shirt

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  1.  Best T-Shirt I’ve ever had! Really cool when it lights up!

  2. Fit as I ordered it. I ordered a size larger than I usually wear, and that was a good choice. I wore this at Sunset Music Festival in Tampa. It rained a little. And it still worked great.

  3.  This is my absolute fave. I ought not love this item so much. I usually wear a SM… the Med… worked perfectly.

  4. TrueReviewH at

    I liked it and a lot of people at the concert I went to loved it. That said, two things to note:#1.) The only part that is LED on the shirt are the sunglasses, and they are rectangles about the size of fingernails.#2.) The battery pack easily falls out of the pouch without much movement. It’s not a big deal as long as you anticipate it.The sound waves and active lights worked well (and I’m glad I was able to adjust this to different noise level sensitivities), and the shirt wasn’t bulky or uncomfortable.

  5. Christian zambrano at

    Update! Seller is highly communicative and reached out to me to replace the defective shirt free of charge! I’d do business again with sellers like this. The quality of material and print are terrific, but the reason why I purchased was for the LED feature. It stopped working after the first 10 minutes of use to a Halloween event. It appears that it has a loose connection or contact because when I press the shirt on the headphone print, it works. I’m wondering if I can return it after using it once or get it repaired.

  6. Sylvia Cichosz at

    This shirt is awesome! I ordered the medium size for my 10 year old son because there was no smaller size. He is 4’10” tall and weighs 84 pounds. The shirt was a little long on him but not too big.He was a panda DJ for Halloween. He wore a panda head with “DJ” written on it with marker, this shirt, light up gloves and LED light up shoes. His costume was an absolute hit! He received compliments everywhere we went and several people said it was one of the best costumes they have seen.The glasses on the panda shirt lit up when we played music and when people spoke loudly.He wore it a total of two days so far—once at his school Halloween party and the next day for 4 hours trick or treating. The shirt worked perfectly both days. If you are a parent you know how active and crazy a 10 year old can be. The shirt definitely took a beating with him running around with his friends and even jumping in a jump house. His friends were also constantly yelling at the shirt to watch the lights react. At no point in time did the lights stop working.The shirt has a small battery pack that is hidden in a small pocket. There is a wire that runs from the battery pack to the back of the panda image. The wire is also covered with the t-shirt material. He did not complain about the wire or small battery pack hurting or bothering him. The shirt comes with easy to read instructions on how to remove the wire and battery pack to wash the shirt. Overall, I would recommend this shirt.

  7. sTACI mCdOWELL at

    My son had a neon dance and we purchased this for him to wear. REALLY CUTE!

  8. PixelatedPenguin at

    Love the shirt. It’s comfortable and it lights up really well during dark raves. -1 star because the way they did the wiring is a bit uncomfortable. I have ordered similar shirts from other stores that have done a much better job at running the wire through the shirt. Also the price is a bit high… I saw the exact same shirt for cheaper somewhere else (physical store though).

  9. The connector that plugs into the battery unit gets in the way every time you put on/ take off the shirt and mine broke after a couple of uses only. Their return policy is also very inconvenient – they don’t apparently issue a full replacement even when returning the product within 30 days. I definitely would not recommend this.

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