Sourdough Fermenter The Only Sourdough Starter Kit You’ll Need


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The Sourdough Fermenter is a Versatile Sourdough Starter Kit You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

Set yourself up for success with your sourdough by using the Kefirko Sourdough Fermenter multipurpose sourdough starter kit.

Kefirko Sourdough Starter Kit

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Without the use of commercial yeast, bread was traditionally produced with just three ingredients: flour, water, and salt.

And as artisan bread gains popularity, there is scarcely a community that doesn’t have at least one bakery that sells sourdough goods.

If you want to save some money, baking it at home is a fantastic option because buying sourdough-baked items can get rather pricey.

The Kefirko sourdough starter kit comes with a cup that doubles as a measuring cup and a lid for your sourdough starter.

Sourdough Starter Kit Measuring Cup

Precisely measure the water and flour at each feeding of the starter by using the marks on the sidewall of the measuring cup.

The lid of the cup allows air to flow through the cup, boosting live cultures in your sourdough starter.

Sourdough Starter Kit

When you’re ready, lock the lid down by pressing on the top and store your sourdough starter until it’s time to bake.

Sourdough Starter Kit

Keep track of your fermentation progress with the practical fermentation clock on top of the cup lid or sourdough starter jar.

Sourdough Starter Kit Fermentation Clock

Use the included silicone lid on the fermenting jar to protect it.

So, even when your sourdough starter is safely tucked away in the smaller cup, you can still utilize the fermenting jar.

The Kefirko sourdough starter kit comes with a special measuring spoon to ensure you have the right amount of water, flour, and salt, and to mix out any dry spots.

Sourdough Starter Kit What'S Included

The Sourdough Fermenter comes with a Handbook that contains instructions, advice, answers to FAQs, and access to recipes.

It makes a great kitchen gift for any culinary DIYer.

Where to Buy The Kefirko Sourdough Fermenter

Kefirko Sourdough Starter Kit
Kefirko Sourdough Starter Kit
$27.00 $35.78

Customers should do their research and thoroughly examine & understand the seller’s precise description and production plans before spending their hard-earned cash on a crowdfunding project.

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