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Space Shuttle Launch Lamp With 3D Rocket Fire Trail


Light Up Your Night With This Awesome 3D Space Shuttle Launch Lamp

Fill the darkness with the astonishing, yet relaxing, glow of this 3D space shuttle launch lamp that features the orange flame trail of lift off.  Turn any room in your home into a launchpad of the NASA space center as the life like glow fluctuates to enhance the realistic flames.  The ambient light will blast off any space fan into a sleep filled with dreams of going where no man has gone before.

If your space geek is more into taking sides in the battle for the galaxy then check out our post on the Darth Vader TIE Fighter Desk Lamp.

Space Shuttle Launch Lamp Features

The space shuttle blastoff lamp comes in a couple of versions.  The straight space shuttle launch lamp is 6.3 inches in height, while the curved launch lamp comes in at 11 inches.

Both consist of high quality 3d printed plastic, a durable switch, bright LED lights, and have a built-in rechargeable 600 mAh li-po battery.  Charging time for the space lamp is 3 hours for 6-8 hours of light.

They also have a Saturn V rocket launch lamp you can find on below, if you are more into the old school rockets.

Applicable Launch Sites To Blast Off From

The space shuttle launch lamp makes a great night light for bedrooms, home wet bars, offices, dorm rooms, or any other area that needs some space geek mood lighting.  The blast off lamp makes a great gift for any occasion for future astronauts.

You’ll find the space shuttle lamp at

Where to Buy the Space Shuttle Launch Lamp

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