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Spare Tire BBQ Grill Keeps the Good Times Rollin’


The Front Runner Spare Tire BBQ Grill is Ready To Fire Up Wherever You are.

Front Runner Spare Tire BBQ Grills are stainless steel cooking grates that are easily deployed to cook your camping meal, roadside hunt, or that rodent you ran over a few miles back.

The resourceful portable cooking grate features separate griddle and grilling sections for a full course meal. You can even use the three sections of the spare tire grill separately as individual grilling components.

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The resourceful Spare Tire BBQ Grill features separate griddle and grilling sections for a full course meal, covering a cooking surface of 23.6″ in diameter.

When your done, the space saving Spare Tire BBQ Grill stores over your spare tire, on your wheel mount or in your trunk.  The portable cooking grill is laser cut to fit spare wheels 29″-35″ in diameter.

 Where to Buy the Front Runner Spare Tire BBG Grill

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  1. There are no words to describe how much we love this grid.As a South African, braai-ing (BBQ) is a way of life. Front Runner has come up with a clever way of keeping the dirty, sticky grid out of the car.Before, we always had to clean the grid, wrap it in a plastic bag and then you also have the chance of potentially leaving it behind – which could be a real camp killer.Now, the grid fits over the spare tyre, which we keep on our FR Slimline roof racks, so its always visible. Always nice confirmation that we will eat tonight!LOVE LOVE LOVE this grid.

  2. We love this BBQ grill. Convenient, no need to carry a bag, just simply cool it off and slip it over your spare tire, no mess inside of the jeep.

  3. Good concept. Seemed like a sturdy product when I got it. Assembled it, and drove off into the sunset, happy to use my new grill. And thats where the good part ends. On its first (FIRST!) use, 2 of the three legs MELTED at the center part of the grill. On the next use, one of the legs actually broke clean off.I called Front Runner and they told me this was because the legs were made out of aluminum and were not supposed to be exposed to high heat.Now, I understand weight saving and cost cutting, but why on earth would you make a grill that can’t withstand open fires? Extremely disappointed in this product, as it had such potential. If the legs were replaced with steel, this would get a 4 or 5 star review.

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