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Sphincter Golf Game Set 4 Competitive Butt Clinchers

The Sphincter Golf Game Set transcends the party poopers and creates an outlet to perk up any party!

The Sphincter Golf game set is the perfect game for any party, family gathering, or just to have ridiculously stupid fun.

The entire game comes in the approximate size of a hockey puck.  It overcomes any justification of laziness or non participation

How To Be Crowned The Sphincter Golf Champion

The object of the game is to place the expandable cup on the ground, then store the coins carefully BETWEEN the butt cheeks.

Walk a short distance to the cup without dropping them.  Hover over the target, then it’s “BOMBS AWAY”!

Maybe, it is better stated “COINS AWAY!” because bombs away could get messy, depending on how one interprets it.  Otherwise, keep score and crown the victor.

The Sphincter Golf game set will soon become a family tradition.  You think we are joking?

The Sphincter Golf game originated from a family on a rafting trip.  The children went to their tents and later awoke to the adults chanting their mothers name.

When they looked out, their Sphincter Golf champion mother was transporting several golf coins between her mud buns and dropped every single coin in the cup.

The boys got older and made the rest of us jealous for finding a way to get rich off of a simple cheese cutter of an idea.

The Sphincter Golf game set make for endless entertainment at any house party, bachelor party, bridal shower, tailgate, barbecue, awkward family gathering, baby shower or office holiday party.

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