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Splay Screen Portable Display & Pocket Projector


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Splay Screen is the World’s Largest Portable Display & Projector that is Lightweight and Compact Enough to Take Anywhere!

Are you looking for a portable display and pico pocket projector that can do all the work or play literally anywhere?

Splay Screen is the only expandable display screen and ultra-short-throw pico projector in one that transforms any workspace into a TV room or game room right from where you sit.

Splay Portable Display Screen Ultra Short Throw Projector

At 24 inches, it’s the largest portable display on the market and can easily be expanded and folded in seconds.

With this level of mobility, you’ll have the freedom to move and explore new places to work, play games, or watch your favorite shows.

The entire package is lightweight and compact enough to be carried in a bag or pocket.

The shackles of your work cubicle have broken, and now you can move around while working, watching, or playing in areas previously unthought of.

You can stream or work in your camper on the road, watch cooking videos in the kitchen, play a game in the backyard, or BBQ at the campsite while watching the big game!

The ultra-short throw 1080p pico projector easily detaches from the portable screen to display movies, games, or your computer screen in up to 80″ of immersive Full HD

Set the pocket projector just 2 feet away from any flat surface and enjoy.

Splay Portable Display Screen &Amp; Ultra Short Throw Projector

Connect the portable Splay monitor to your laptop or computer for a dual-monitor experience with built-in speakers.

So, you can put those audio cables back on your desk before you go!

Just connect the pocket projector via an HDMI cable or wireless adapter and you’re ready.

With features such as an HD display, stereo sound, and a rechargeable battery, it’s ideally designed for portability and to be the perfect partner when traveling or on the move.

Splay 2 In 1 Largest Portable Display Projector

When the Splay display expands with its rugged retractable arms, you will be amazed at its wrinkle-free surface for crystal clear viewing every time.

The 2.5-pound ultra-short-throw pico projector casts an FHD stream 3 times closer to the viewing surface than any of its competitors.

Splay Portable Display Screen Ultra Short Throw Projector

The mobile monitor with a mini projector has been created to be a modern and simple solution for viewing content on the go.

With a screen that folds into a portable case, it’s easy to take wherever you want—whether that’s a campsite or your own backyard.

You can SAVE UP TO 50% on varying package options if you act now!

Where to Buy the Portable Display Screen & Projector

Splay: 2 In 1 Portable Display &Amp; Projector
Splay: 2 in 1 Portable Display & Projector
The world’s largest portable display and the world’s only 2 in 1 display and projector!
$689.00 $1299.00

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