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Sports Glasses Straps To Keep Your Eyeglasses Secure In The Game


Silicone Sports Glasses Straps Designed with the Elastic Silicone and Anti-Slip Loops Keep Your Glasses Steady

These handy sports glasses straps are silicone earpiece grips to hold your frames in place whether you are running, sweating, or bending over to catch a quick breath til the action begins again.

The elastic silicone construction allows for comfortable wear, while, the anti-slip locks keep them in place when your most active.

The silicone ear grips for glasses were designed for versatile use while your active.

Whether you are running on the treadmill or circuit training at the gym, they simply won’t move.

These silicone ear hooks for glasses work while you are fishing, biking, hiking, rock climbing, snow skiing or playing sports.

In addition, they are made for use with all kinds of eyeglasses.

These silicone sports glasses straps won’t stick to your hair, won’t make your ears sore, and won’t turn to worn colors or harden after wear.

Each order comes with 12 pairs for adults and kids alike.

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