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Sports Glasses Straps To Keep Your Eyeglasses Secure In The Game


Silicone Sports Glasses Straps Designed with the Elastic Silicone and Anti-Slip Loops Keep Your Glasses Steady

These handy sports glasses straps are silicone earpiece grips to hold your frames in place whether you are running, sweating, or bending over to catch a quick breath til the action begins again.  The elastic silicone construction allows for comfortable wear, while, the anti-slip locks keep them in place when your most active.

The silicone ear grips for glasses were designed for versatile use while your active.   Whether you are running on the treadmill or circuit training at the gym, they simply won’t move.  These silicone ear hooks for glasses work while you are fishing, biking, hiking, rock climbing, snow skiing or playing sports.  In addition, they are made for use with all kinds of eyeglasses.

These silicone sports glasses straps won’t stick to your hair, won’t make your ears sore, and won’t turn to worn colors or harden after wear.  Each order comes with 12 pairs for adults and kids alike.

Where to Buy the Silicone Ear Hooks for Glasses

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  1. These were the perfect addition to my 4 year olds glasses. Ther slide on easy enough, but these suckers don’t move when she’s wearing them. I was nervous I would have to constantly readjust them. But she has been using these for about a month and I have not had to adjust them once. Best purchase!

  2. I ordered these for my 6 year olds glasses because they kept slipping off her face. This works perfectly! My only negative is, they make it a little more difficult for her to put on and take off her glasses, but still totally worth it. She isnt constantly pushing her glasses up anymore!

  3. I got these several weeks ago to hold my new glasses in place for yoga. My frames are so light and minimalist that my glasses were always slipping down and falling off during inversions for positions such as down dog, framing foot in a lunge, crow, etc. I checked all the drug and department stores and couldn’t find an elastic strap like those I remember guys wearing for phys ed, back when I was young. Ended up buying these just to try them and “see how they do.” These little things are fantastic and really do the job! They are easy to slide over the back of your earpiece, and easy to adjust in order to hold your glasses as tightly or loosely as you like. They’re also pretty unobtrusive, as they tuck behind your ear – and I’m a guy with short hair. Once you’ve got them on and adjusted you’ll forget they’re even there, except that your glasses will stay put. Now I’ve started using them at other times too, just to keep my glasses from sliding down my nose. A great product!

  4. Finally found a way to keep my eyeglasses in place! I was having to go in often for adjustments. I have 9 pair. Since I can’t wear contacts I try to be stylish. My eyeglasses always slid down my nose. Since placing these on the arms of my glasses they are slip-free! I’m no athlete but even looking downward caused the slide. I went into my optometrist just to show this product. She said these are great and that when eyeglasses are properly seated that the axis is accurately aligned. This means you see things more clearly. I’ll probably by more to better match them to my frames. With hair down, they don’t show but when wearing hair up they do.The only drawback, which might be particular to me, is that they get in the way of my over the ear style Bluetooth. I have to remove the eyeglass strap if I’m going to be using my voyager Bluetooth (better name is needed as there is no strap). Now I do have small ears so this may not be a factor for others.Get them for anyone, athlete or not. I wish I’d had these when I was a kid.

  5. So far I really love these! For over 30 years I only wore metal glasses with nose pieces because I could never find a plastic pair with a nose bridge small enough to fit my nose bridge. I finally found a pair! But unfortunately they practically float away off my face if I sweat the least little bit, and I live in Florida. And it rains every day this time of year. So I decided to give these a try. They do a great job of keeping my glasses in place. It feels weird not to need to push them up occasionally. And I barely feel them. It did take some trial and error to get them just right. Just within the last week I have turned into the ear hook evangelist at work and have given out two pairs of these to coworkers so they can try them out and changed some lives! They were amazed! And I have a nurse friend who confessed she thought of these with jealousy while she was on a 12 hour shift, working with sterile hands, and her glasses wouldn’t stay up. I think once she tries some she will love them as well.

  6. My 3 year old was having issues with her glasses sliding down her nose and this solved the issue completely! I haven’t had to adjust her glasses at all since using them. She wears tomato frames and the stay puts are a good fit and do not slide around.

  7. Both my children wear glasses. My son (7 years old) has thinner wire frame type glasses and he has had problems with his glasses falling off when he was at school. He was having trouble keeping his glasses from slipping down his nose too. (To the point where he was scrunching his face and making funny faces to adjust his glasses)We put these on his glasses and they are perfect! They hold them on his face so securely. He can shake his head really hard and they wont fly off. And hes not needing to constantly push them up and adjust them.My daughter (8 years old) however, she has the plastic frames, kind of like the 80s sunglasses frame type, and the part that goes over the ear is just too thick for these. They were hard to put onto her glasses and after a lot of adjustments they were still too tight and pulled the glasses tightly against her face. No problem, she just wont wear these.These might work best on a thinner eyeglass arm.I dont believe you could comfortably wear these on a sunglass frame or glasses with thicker arms. But each person has their own comfort level so who knows.It’s such a great deal its worth a shot to try them out for yourself.

  8. I have an issue with my glasses sliding down my nose or completely falling off my face when i lean over. I can now lean over and shake my head like a dog that just got out of a bath and they do not fall off!! I also gave a paid to my co-worker and my little sister and they love them as well. They are a little awkward to put your glasses on but i only put my glasses on and take them off once a day so that isn’t that big of a deal. You can also slid them back then put them on and then adjust them as needed. Some of the reviews stated they hurt your ears but i have 0 pain and i do not see how anyone else could considering the material is very bendy. They fit behind my ears well, my ears are kinda small, my co-worker has bigger ears and they cause her no pain either. 100% satisfied and i would highly recommend.

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