Square Off Chessboard Is The World’s Smartest Chess Game


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The Square Off Chessboard is the World’s Smartest Chest Board!

From ages 5 to 55, from beginner to expert, the Square Off Chessboard is an interactive chessboard that not only teaches you the game of chess but also lets you compete around the world.

Play against your friends or millions of other chess players online, and marvel as your opponent’s pieces move by themselves on your board.

Handcrafted Square Off Chessboards are powered by highly intelligent AI and come with 20 different difficulty levels to fit your skill level.

The skillfully crafted chess pieces are moved with pinpoint precision by the board’s superior robotics and sensors. With a single click, you can evaluate your game using the Square Off App.

The personalized coaching tips will help you hone your skills to trap your opponents before they realize it.

Square Off Chessboard Innovative Chess Game Play Against Friends Ai 3

Start competing against the mobile app, when you are ready to conquer the world, you can compete against 23 million online players.

Square Off Chessboard Innovative Chess Game

Once you make your move, watch as your opponent’s pieces move independently and with amazing precision as they make their play, no matter where they are.

Watch live world champion chess tournament activity on the Square Off chess set, as it comes to life in front of your eyes.

Square Off Chessboard Innovative Chess Game

The Square Off Grand Kingdom chess set also includes the auto-reset where the pieces return to their respective locations once the game is over.

Playing chess on the automated handcrafted rosewood chess board is unlike any previous game you have played.

The Square Off Chess Board game will analyze your game, remember the game history so you never lose your place, and show you your ranking in the number one chess community in the world on Chess.com.

Where to Buy the Square Off Chessboard

Square Off Grand Kingdom Chess Set
Square Off Grand Kingdom Chess Set
$399.00 $499.00

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