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Square Wave Spinner Gets You Stress-Free In A Alluring Way


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quare Wave Spinner Overview

The Square Wave Spinner is a mind-boggling, stress-relieving, kinetic spinner created through the inspiration of math and the Fibonacci sequence. 

The unique kinetic spinner can be used as a stress relief spinner or hung from your ceiling, wall, or patio.

This awesome kinetic sculpture is a product of Italian metal workers inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, the fundamental make-up of every living thing. 

By rotating the metallic enigma, you will release a sequence of mind-bending optical illusions and surprising hypnotic revolutions.

Square Wave is constructed with 21 connected metal rods that bend and mutate with the slightest introduction of energy. 

The individual rods are specifically scaled to create a flawless fluid motion.

Square Wave Spinner Quality

The Square Wave was designed in the UK, and hand-made in Italy at a factory with over 30 years of metal machining experience. 

Each twist and loop is strictly calibrated to form a seamless kinetic sculpture.

Square Wave Spinner Options

Square Wave comes in three awesome variations; metallic silver, eclipse bronze, and lunar gold. 

Each version creates its own unique hypnotic reflections and eye-popping optical illusions. 

You can spin the square wave by hand or hang it as decor and let nature captivate you or your visitors.

Regardless of intended use, the Square Wave kinetic spinner is a very unique gift for the home or office and will make a unique conversation piece.


  • Hand Made
  • High-Quality Chrome Plated Steel
  • 9.8″ x 9.8″
  • Suitable to spin indoors or outdoors
  • Use as a hand spinner or hang from the ceiling

Where to Buy the Square Wave Mesmerizing Kinetic Wind Spinner

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Square Wave Rotating Decompression Metal Pendant Gold
Square Wave Rotating Decompression Metal Pendant Gold

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