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Squeezable Slug Night Light For Kids

The Slug Night Light For Kids is a Cute Huggable Cartoonish Slug that Dubs as an Interactive Night Light.

Welcome to the Sluglife, the Slug Night Light for kids is a lovable loafer that gives off a soft light that is enough to let you drift off to sleep while keeping the monsters at bay.  It is a safe night light for kids and allows them to operate the lamp in a an interesting way.

To activate the night light, simply tap the googly bug eyes together.  Then, adjust the light to the perfect slumber setting by squeezing and holding the eye stalks together.  Once set perfectly the kids can hug the slug’s squeezable hollow rubber skin good night without the slimy mess.

The Slug Night Light for kids comes with a 15 min automatic shut off setting and you can charge the rechargeable battery with the USB cord prior to use, if you want to use it wirelessly.

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