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Stank Prank Candle Is A Slow Burn To Revenge


The Stank Prank Candle Turns From Apples to Arse in the Span of a 3 Hour Fuse!

The Stank Prank Candle is the “backdoor” trojan you need to claim victory in a prankster one-upmanship battle.

Stank Prank Candle Slow Burn To Revenge

The prank candle is named “Orchard Breeze” leading the recipient to olfactory hallucinations of laying in an apple orchard with a cool summer breeze caressing their nostrils.

As your unassuming victim gets lost in the smell of aromatic apples, the trick torch slowly begins to smell like a used suppository or an atrocious blast of butt breeze.

Stank Prank Candle Slow Burn To Revenge

And now you have hit prankster pay dirt!  After 3 hours of a balmy bliss the prank candle slowly transforms to a putrid torture of flatulent flavour.

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