Star Wars Grill Scraper Is Essential For Easier Grill Cleaning


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Win the Battle of the Build-Up When You Bring the Star Wars Grill Scraper to the Fight!

The Star Wars Grill Scraper with bottle opener is the perfect essential weapon for eliminating the grill build-up.

Inspired by “Battle of the Heroes,” this hardwood grill scraper features the climactic fight between Obi-Wan and an infuriated Annikin.

Star Wars Grill Scraper

Obi-Wan is depicted defending the high ground with the quote “It’s over Anakin! I have the high ground!”

Once the battle of the build-up is won, have a drink to celebrate the victory by using the built-in bottle opener on the “Annikin” side of the grill scraper.

Star Wars Grill Scraper Bottle Opener

This limited edition scraper is built for durability and made with convenient storage in mind, measuring roughly 16 inches long x 4 1/2 inches wide and manufactured of rubberwood with a hanging rope loop.

Scrape Anakin into the bowels of Mustafar to assist Obi-Wan in defending the Galactic Republic!

Get your pre-orders in before they are gone!  Product availability will be in July of 2022.

Use Code Code SUNFREE22 to get FREE SHIPPING in the US.

Where to Buy the Star Wars Grill Scraper With Bottle Opener

Star Wars Battle Of The Heroes Hardwood Bbq Grill Scraper With Bottle Opener
Star Wars Battle of the Heroes Hardwood BBQ Grill Scraper with Bottle Opener
The grilling utensil every Force-wielding grill master needs!

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