Star Wars Ice Molds Make 8 Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Drink


These Star Wars Ice Molds are a Great Way to Make Unique Ice Cubes for Your Cocktails or Refreshers

This multiple set of Star Wars Ice Molds create slow melting ice cubes in the form of the Millenium Falcon, X Wing Fighter, Frozen Han Solo, as well as the heads of Darth Vader, Yoda, Storm Trooper, and Boba Fett.  They go well in a single drink or can be a cool punch bowl decor.

Take advantage of the versatility of these Star Wars Ice Molds to also make Yoda jelly shots or get the kids involved and make Darth Vader chocolate candies or Boba Fett jellos.  The molds are food grade and safe up to 440°F,

You can add mint leaves or berries water or juice.  The Star Wars silicone molds can also be used to make crayons or fun soaps.

The Star Wars series has been around for generations.  Keep it to your self and chill out with a hard drink or pass it down to the next generation with a fun kitchen activity and make awesome snacks for your Star Wars Movie Marathon.

Where to Buy the Star Wars Ice Molds

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  1. I bought these molds to make chocolates with my son. These are awesome! The amount of characters you get is great for the price! The molds are so easy to use and the candy came right out! Just rinsed and put in the top shelf of the dishwasher and the clean up was easy! These are a lot of fun!

  2. Ginger Stevens at

    They are wonderful! I make gummy candy and chocolates for so many occasions. They are great for decorating cakes and cupcakes… I just use them so much. I have a rather vast collection of candy molds and these get the most use by far.

  3. Jasmine Acosta at

    THESE ARE AWESOME. VERY STRONG STURDY MOLDS. More on the small side with some of the figurines but still awesome. Just wonderful!!! I will use for soap bars I’m sure my soaps will be a hit with the kids. (Not sure molds work for cake cuz the details are so on point that some batter may get stuck in the crevices and be ruined—perfect for ice or soaps or chocolates maybe jello- but batter may crumble.) I will purchase from this seller again, Since they have such high quality molds!!!

  4. Tara L Plischke at

    Great product. Very happy with them

  5. R2’s feet are *extremely* hard to have successful release. However, for the price, this is a great and economical set of Star Wars mold. They were used to make jello treats for a young kid’s birthday party. 4 boxes of jello – all gone. They were the runaway hit of the party. The x-wing mold is also a little temperamental at releasing, but the other molds were perfect. They also work well for a candy mold.

  6. Bought these for my niece for her birthday. She LOVES them! She’s made filled chocolates, ice, and will be trying the soap soon. She is really happy with them. I love that along with the purchase of the trays an e-recipe book is included! I was able to print the booklet for my niece, and I was able to buy additional items at the store to start her off with making some of the recipes. The sellers are SUPER nice, and when I lost the link for the booklet, they were very nice, and made sure to get me the link right away. Very nice people who I will buy from again if I need something like this.

  7. These worked really well as chocolate molds. For Boba Fett, I put milk chocolate inside following the face plate in the Helmut, then filled with green chocolate, they looked really good. We made cupcakes for an entertainment event and put the molded candies on top as decorations. The only problem I had was, I put the small R2D2’s in the freezer to harden, didn’t wait for them to come to room temperature before unmolding, so one leg broke off of each of them. We just stuck that part into the cupcake. We ordered from this company because they had the products we needed and a good price.

  8. North Shore Mom at

    Simple steps to arrive at a fantastic finished product!!Molds arrived this afternoon. Immediately washed and dried them. Looked up a paleo gummy recipe (1c. juice, 2T. gelatin). Made said gummy recipe. Put in fridge 3 hours…. and the most difficult part….WAITING!!!!And voila! Thee absolute most amazing gummies ever! Seriously folks, I have purchased many different molds over the years and this is one of the best, if not thee best. No stick, easy to remove, easy to clean and truly produces a great DETAILED gummy! Check out the pics.Now time to enjoy our geeky gummies!!! 🙂

  9. I bought these molds as a birthday gift for my fiance. We’ve used them to make ice cubes and chocolates so far. Since they’re silicone molds, I’d like to use them to bake cookie bites. The molds are easy to use. Just fill w/ your favorite material and bake, chill, or freeze. We didn’t do anything fancy w/ the chocolates, but you definitely could. You could always use edible paints or frosting to make the chocolates more colorful or make some of the details more defined. The R2-D2 is difficult to get out of the mold w/o breaking the foot. However, the molds are pretty detailed with the R2-D2 being one of the more detailed ones. The Darth Vader head and Millennium Falcon are especially detailed after taking the material out of the mold. The Han in carbonite isn’t very detailed at all. Some of the molds aren’t quite small enough to be bite-sized. The molds are relatively easy to clean. Just use dish soap and water. Some of the corners require extra attention if chocolate gets stuck in there, but hot water will help melt chocolate residue. Really pleased w/ these molds. They’re very versatile and can be used to make just about anything – Jell-o, cake pops, chocolates, ice cubes, etc. There are other Star Wars molds that are not part of this set of 8. For example, this set did not include the Yoda head mold.

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