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SteakStones Sizzling Steak Plate Hex Set


The SteakStones Hex Set is a Decadent Decor as a Centerpiece for Your Kitchen Table or Platter for One

The SteakStones Hex Set is a versatile accessory for any kitchen table in that it can be used for varying numbers of guests or multiple dishes.

You can hear your sizzling steak on the super heated lava stone as you prepare to enjoy your marbled meat.

But, the hex set is so much more versatile than that!  Here are some other uses to benefit from the sizzling lava stone.

Use the hot rock hex set as a dining table centerpiece tray and present a delicious duck or robust roast on the lava rock with accompaniments for all your guests to devour.

The Steakstones Sizzling Steak Hex Set

The steak plates also make the perfect set for two to enjoy flavorsome fish and chips.

You can even enjoy vegetable skewers seared on the ultra heated lava stone.

The incredibly high temperatures are perfect for searing meats or sizzling presentations.

The Steakstones Sizzling Steak Hex Set

To prepare the lava stone, heat in your oven, on top of your broiler, or on the grill.  The natural  lava stone properties will heat the stone to super high temperatures.

Don’t worry, you cannot overheat the lava stone with a standard household oven.

Once the heat reaches 540-660°F the hot rock is ready for optimal use.

To test whether the stone is ready, you can drop a teaspoon of water in the center and watch it sizzle away in less than 10 seconds

Cleaning the stone is straightforward, simply submerge in water to let it cool, then wipe clean and scour as needed.

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