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Stoic Standing Mat Provides Pain Relief and Exercise At The Office Or At Home


The Stoic Standing Mat Adds Outdoor Movement to Indoor Latency.

Relieve Your Pain Points or Get Some Extra Exercise with the Stoic Standing Mat that has 50 Configurations to suit your needs and personality.  Monkii, the makers of convenient and innovative workout gear, is at it again.  This time they add pain and stress point relief.  Now you can keep moving at home, or the office.

The human body was made to move.  We weren’t designed to sit in a broke down office chair chomping on junk food and slurping colored cups of sugar.  The Stoic Standing Mat is an active standing mat designed to keep you focused, stimulate blood flow, help you feel better, and even get a quick no-sweat workout when you need it.

This ain’t your co workers standing mat designed to get you up and down more times than in an hour at your local Sunday service.  The Stoic standing mat is a versatile active standing desk mat that keeps you active in several areas of motion through swapable surfaces and accessories that transform into 50 different configurations.

The Stoic standing mat has a configuration for literally every comfort level promoting motion, balance, fidget, massage and strength.  Walk through barefoot through the meadows with a relaxing foot massage or walk on river rock to increase your dexterity with your choice of setup.

If you have a hard time imagining walking through a red wood forest, the Stoic standing mat’s mobile app will guide you through your standing, massage, or workout session.

We all need to top sitting there letting gravity take over. Start enhancing joint health in your feet, knees and legs and expand your mobility.  The Stoic standing mat will also help you loose some unwanted weight and maintain good posture.

For thousands of years, our ancestors would spend their days moving at a relatively slow, easy pace. This casual activity would be regularly broken up by short feats of strength. Whether it was carrying food, constructing a shelter, or wrangling a wild child – strength was a common and everyday part of life. The Stoic strength philosophy seeks to thoughtfully reintroduce regular moments of Strength back into your day.

You can take advantage of the early bird savings on Monkii’s Kickstarter page and save from 22-36%.  The crowdfunding pre order options start at $169.00 while they last.

Where to Buy the Stoic Standing Mat

Stoic Active Standing Mat
Stoic Active Standing Mat
Save up to 36% while getting the Stoic Standing Mat and all the accessories.
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