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Stone Drink Dispenser Serves Your Desired Drink On The Rocks

Pour Your Favorite Drinks From This Natural Stone Drink Dispenser

Coarsely carved from natural granite stone found in New England and pierced by a stainless steel tap, the Jeff Henderson Stone Drink Dispenser is a unique and durable fixture for any home or commercial bar.

The granite block dispenses wine and spirits with ease.  Each natural drink dispenser is unique to itself from every strike of the carver’s chisel.

The stainless steel tap is capped with a naturally tumbled beach stone adding to it’s individuality and organic composition.

Each unique drink dispenser by Funky Rock Designs comes with a custom plug helping to refill the dispenser without having to invert the heavy stone.

The additional granite with stainless steel support legs (sold separate) are added to make room to fill your shot glasses while sitting on the counter top or bar.

Where to Buy the Stone Drink Dispenser

Funky Rock Designs Stone Drink Dispenser by Jeff Henderson
Funky Rock Designs Stone Drink Dispenser by Jeff Henderson
Tap your favorite spirits in geologic style with Jeff Henderson's cobbled granite drink dispenser.

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