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StramperPress Coffee Press Makes Pressed Coffee Easy


The StramperPress Coffee Press Makes the Perfect Brew Every Single Time.

The StramperPress Coffee Press has a modern Scandinavian design full of features.  Besides its sleek design, its ceramic body ensures proper heat retention to keep your coffee at the right temperature for when you get to cup 2 or 3.

Not getting the timing right can cause your coffee to become bitter or oily.  Stramper Press includes an hourglass timer that makes the perfect brew every single time.  Each rotation allows for a 4 minute brewing period.

The unique design of the coffee press stands out in your kitchen and makes for a great conversation piece.  If you are looking for a unique gift idea, the press comes in a gift box packaging and makes a great gift for birthdays, for mom, dad, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend and graduation.  The coffee press comes in white, black, or stainless. Coffee lovers ‘gonna love!

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StramperPress Ceramic
StramperPress Ceramic
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  1. Day one and loving it! I retired my old $5 IKEA french press with glue tape holding it together and got this one. I read the reviews for this item and I was swayed to order it. I was concerned about the shape/design, maybe it would be too fandango. Nope it is just right – not boring and blockish, but not overdone.The screen (press part) fits tightly so grounds do not slip around the edges like they sometimes would on my old one. One feature I really like it there the plastic cap has a secondary screen to catch escaping coffee grounds right at the spout.They include a measuring spoon, but I maintain that 1/4 cup of coffee grounds is perfect for this size french press, so I store a 1/4 cup measuring with my press.If you are new to french presses, they are the easiest and also the best way to make coffee. There is nothing better!Please for the love of all that is holy – please stop buying coffee grounds in tiny K cups and expensive machines that turn out horrible black sludge. The french press is cheap, fast and the best!There was a coupon in my box for a free screen with free shipping too! Not sure I will ever need it, but hey why not?

  2. Why did it take me nearly two years to try this bad boy out? I have no idea and definitely need to conduct some self analysis. Although my wife threw out the little instruction manual and there doesn’t appear to be a PDF version available online, I did what anyone else would – watched a YouTube video and figured out how simple it is to brew a couple of cups of coffee. I’m not (yet) about to purchase a dedicated water heater and pourer, etc. Instead I use an old-school kettle, bring the water to just close to a boil, let said water sit for a minute, and slowly pour over the grinds. For the price I can’t imagine a more eco friendly and cost-effective way to make delicious coffee. Given that I have to work through a bag of ‘Death Wish’ we got as a gift, I don’t expect to sleep for many months.

  3. I purchased this Press about a month ago (August 2016) and up until yesterday it was working fine. Then, I noticed a crack in the glass rendering the product inoperable. I’ve never dropped the press, or put it in cold water after hot, or handled it roughly, etc., so I am not sure why the glass would crack. Needless to say, I am disappointed in the product and am now shopping for a new press.UPDATE…. based on the review above the seller immediately contacted me about the problem and offered to send me a replacement. They didn’t even ask me to give them a good review or retract the original one. That, to me, is a stand up company. I give them 5 stars for excellent customer service. I hope the new carafe holds up. Thank you Idyllic Homes!SECOND UPDATE…Well, it is October 20th, and unfortunately, the new/second press developed another crack!!! See the pic. As I mentioned above, the seller was customer-focused enough to send me a free replacement when the first press developed a crack, and so I give them 5 stars for that. However, I give the product 1 star as it doesn’t seem to hold up. I was extra careful with this press to ensure it was always gently hand washed in warm water after it had cooled down and it was never dropped or handled in a rough manner. Still, it developed a crack and can no longer be used. At this point, I am going to try a different vendor/product.

  4. I’m a coffee person. My morning doesn’t start without a cup so when my most recent move sent me from the islands of Hawaii to islands of Alaska it was a serious adjustment. Sure this press won over the others because of its name- Kona (taking Hawaii with me!) but it’s so much more than that. It does what it supposed to- makes coffee!! I even did a cold brew for my first batch and it’s wonderful!! It’s also very pretty on my desk as well. I hope this guy survives my next patrol (rough seas are bad for breakable things) but should something happen I love it so much that I’d be a repeat customer!

  5. Update: BE CAREFUL! 6 weeks later and my carafe is chipped. I washed it in the sink with a mason jar and the two clinked causing a large chip and cracking to occur at the lip.Recommend only washing it by itself and being extra careful, it is very thin glass and shatters into many shards. Didn’t hold up to my busy lifestyle despite what I thought to be normal wear.:(UPDATE 2: Wow, impressive customer service! I emailed letting them know about the crack and inquired if I could buy a replacement carafe. Within a day, I had received a reply and the next day a whole new French press was sent in replacement. I’m hoping the crack was a fluke and I will be more careful washing it in the future. They went above and beyond to satisfy this customer. Still, I wish the carafe was made of heavier glass, thus only 4 stars….I’d give 4 1/2 if I could.

  6. I love this but after a couple of weeks it has cracked. Disappointed in the quality.

  7. We purchased this coffee press to use off grid and camping. It makes a decent although small batch of coffee. We had used it Less than 10 times when I noticed a crack in the glass and a fine glass “powder” on the metal screen. I actually cut my finger on the broken glass. Before our purchase we had researched many different coffee presses and decided on this one because of the positive reviews, and the fact that they backed up their product, and seemed to offer replacements if anything broke. WRONG! I reached out to so called customer support and “Jason” told me I could buy a replacement glass carafe and screen for $20!! Nearly the price of a new press! If I would have known that this is how they stand behind their product I never would have purchased this item. Your product should not break after less than 10 uses, and if it does you should offer a replacement. I even read reviews here on amazon where they did offer replacements to people but not me for some reason. Dont buy this coffee press if you need something durable, the glass will crack and you will be stuck with a dangerous broken POS that will not be backed up by the terrible customer support. 1 star for customer service and 3 stars for press, the few times I actually got to use it.

  8. We absolutely adore this French press! All the pieces are easy to take apart for cleaning and put back together! We use this almost daily for delicious French pressed coffee.

  9. Had a stainless steel press prior that left an after taste on brew. Kona glass is much tastier.

  10. I like that only the lid has metal so the body of the pitcher is microwavable.I just add water to the pitcher, microwave the pitcher to get hot water, and then add coffee.I also like that it’s pretty quick to wash out.

  11. Everything has promised. I should have bought this years ago. It is so much better than a coffee maker!

  12. I was so excited for this, and loved how it looked. I was able to use it twice until this morning when I gently tapped it against something and it just cracked in half while I was putting the dry coffee grinds in. It hadn’t been exposed to any temperature changes or anything that would increase somethings chances of cracking/breaking. So disappointing.

  13. The order was wrong off the start.. Wanted a 8 cup press and got a 1 cup press

  14. Es súper funcional

  15. Other than the lid being a little flimsy, this works excellently. One of the better filtering system out there for a French press with a nice price tag. Love it so much I got the bigger size. I do believe the sizes are off because the smallest does not get 3 cups at all. 1.5 at most. Honestly for a few bucks more you can get the bigger size, which is what I should have done from the start. None the less, great product

  16. Took several weeks to arrive and when it did it was very poorly made all the plastic parts felt very breakable. I ordered the 32 oz and received a 16 oz. The product left a lot to be desired. Whole it performed as a french press it was not up to amy of my expectations beyond simply having a cup of coffee

  17. BUYER BEWAREThis company’s listing practices are deceptive.• Expect 600ml of USABLE volume. They claim 800ml at “full volume”, as in “filled to the top.” You can’t use a french press that way, and they know that. I know they know it, because I spoke with them. Their response was to justify their listing as it is.• This press comes with only one filter, NOT three. The single mesh screen is the only filter. The spiral and cross plates are not filters, they are the assembly that holds the filter. With holes and gaps that big, they can’t FILTER anything.

  18. No sirve la prensa. Se baja la prensa desde que la pones encima.

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