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Swift Point Tracpoint Mouse The Ultimate 2 In 1 Mouse


The Swift Point Tracpoint Mouse is the ultimate travel presentation mouse that kicks it in high gear on the road.

They say dynamite comes in small packages and the Tracpoint mouse is no exception.  If you need to optimize your travel workspace you need to keep reading.

The Tracpoint mouse works great in tight spaces.  Using the palm rest of your laptop, you can use this mini mouse to navigate any program on your computer in a vehicle, on a train, or during layovers in the airport.

The USB rechargeable mouse gives you one hour of use with just 60 seconds of charging.  Charge the travel mouse for 2 hours and get two weeks of productivity.  Once charged, the portable laptop mouse can be stored in the custom zipper locking carry and storage case.

The Tracpoint mouse combines physical buttons with Tracpoint’s exclusive tilt gestures to ensure you have as much, if not more, functionality than a full sized desktop mouse.

For a perfect companion to this compact multi function mouse, check out our article on the Moose Laptop Office Bag.

The User-Friendly Design of the Tracpoint Mouse

Due to the ergonomic design, the Tracpoint mouse is the pint size productivity tool that allows you to scroll, execute programs, or write like you are holding you favorite pen.  The user friendly mouse’s design maintains your natural position and allows for continuous unencumbered productivity.

The Tracpoint mouse is lightweight, weighing less then 1 ounce, 25% less than a conventional mouse.

Tracpoint as a Presentation Mouse

Once you arrive at your destined meeting, you can sail through your presentation with ease.  The combined wireless presenter technology provides a pointer, allows you to manage your slides, and highlight the points you want to drive home with SpotPoint technology.

The Tracpoint travel presentation mouse is portable, connects via Bluetooth, and is equipped with a highly accurate optical sensor for use on almost any surface.  (So, don’t try using it on the brick wall your sitting on outside of class on campus.)

The Tracpoint mouse is the perfect gift for the worker on the go, anywhere, anytime.  It also makes an awesome unique gift for college students.  Pre-Order now on Indeigogo for worldwide shipment in October 2019.

Tracpoint Travel Mouse FAQ

  • When will Tracpoint travel presentation mouse ship?

Production on the TRACPOINT travel mouse is already underway. So we will be sending out shipping surveys a week after the campaign closes in early September, shipping will begin as soon as possible after this.

  • Is TRACPOINT compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS systems – as a mouse and a presenter?

Yes. Out of the box, TRACPOINT travel presentation mouse can be used as both a normal mouse, and an ‘in-air’ mouse or presenter on practically any device with mouse support. This includes Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux systems.

  • Does TRACPOINT work on an iPad or iPad Pro?

The full mouse support offered by ProPoint in supported remote desktop applications is not available on TRACPOINT. But the upcoming release of iPadOS will add partial mouse support as an accessibility feature. With this enabled, the TRACPOINT can be used across all apps on an iPad.

  • How big is TRACPOINT, and how much does it weigh?

It’s very small: 2.2 x 1.6 x 1.3 inches (5.6 x 4 x 3.3 cm), and weighs less than one ounce! (just 24 grams)

  • Is there a left handed version of TRACPOINT?

Not yet

  • Can this travel presentation mouse be used with a laptop that only has USB-C ports?

Absolutely. TRACPOINT works with the wireless bluetooth connection. The USB charger included with TRACPOINT is for charging only. So if you don’t have a standard USB port you can just pair it directly with Bluetooth then use any USB connection to charge the mouse.

Where to Buy the Swift Point Tracpoint Mouse

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