T Rex Shower Head: Dinosaur Spit NOT Included


Wash & Roar with this Jurassic T Rex Shower Head for the Shower that Kids and Prehistoric Dino Enthusiasts will Love.

The T Rex shower head is modeled after a real T Rex skull and quite possibly is the real reason 3D printers were invented.   The prehistoric dinosaur shower head is an awesome addition to shower time for the kids!

Although most boys would prefer real dinosaur drool, they will be slightly disappointed the Jurassic shower nozzle uses real water.  Nonetheless, they will still enjoy the alpha predator towering over them.  The shower head does not make sounds.

However, you can expect to hear strange roaring sounds coming from your little cave man.  If you are looking for a unique gift idea for your undersized neanderthal this comes in gray or lime green.

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