Tac Magnet Gun Mount Made From Strongest Magnets On Earth


The Tac Magnet gun mount keeps your firearm secured and tactically accessible.

The Tac Magnet Mount is the MOST durable magnetic gun mount on the market today.  The dual earth magnets prevent gun slippage and fully secures your firearm.  Two Neodymium magnets prevent slide releases, safeties or general indentations or extrusions of your firearm from reducing surface contact.  They also keep your firearm square on the mount and prevent circular slippage.

These rare earth magnets are the strongest magnets commercially available.  A 25 lbs magnetic pull allows quick access and easy removal from the mounting point.  The special polymer coating prevents scratching the expensive firearm you have invested in and is durable enough to ensure 100% guarantee of protection.

Where can you mount the Tac Magnet Gun Mount?

In addition, the tactical magnetic gun mount can be mounted under tables.  Particularly, great for mounting in or on center consoles. Discreet enough to mount under steering columns.  You can also mount the magnets at your bedside, in the office, at an entry way, or inside your gun safe.  The mount is strong enough to hold fully loaded handguns from the smallest glock to heaviest 1911s.

Its the perfect gift for any gun lover.  With a 100% lifetime guarantee and a price cheaper than you can buy your next Wendy’s meal you can’t beat this mount.  It makes a great gift for your gun buddies while having enough left in your change jar to get you one.

Where to Buy the Tac Magnet Gun Mount

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