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Taco Belle Dress For Royals With a Pestilent Appetite


This Taco Belle Dress is Only for the Imperial Class with a Low Down Craving for Mexican Food.

The taco belle dress was designed for royals who can appreciate the plenitude of mexican food through a drive-thru.  After all, how can it be that a pestilent could experience the plethora of tacos, chalupas, caramel empanadas, and cinnamon twists that can only truly be appreciated by the noble.

Taco Belle Dress Orgin

Fashion designer Olivia Mears crafted up this Taco Belle dress. It’s made out of hand-painted cardstock, tissue paper, felt, and Taco Bell wrappers.  It is akin to the dress from Beauty and The Beast surrounded by a ring of tacos on the skirt of the dress.

This specific dress is only a concept that can be found on Avant-Geek.  However, if you are hell bent on dressing up like a taco, you can check out the Rasta Imposta Taco dress on Amazon.

Taco Costume for Men

No worries guys there is something for you to offend social justice warriors as well!  Take a look at this Taco Costume for men!

If you truly have a craving for tacos, don’t forget to check out our post on the Nuni Tortilla Toaster for toasting 6 tortillas at a time!

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