Tactical Grilling Apron & MOLLE Gear All Grill Sergeants Will Love!


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Grill Grunts Will Go GAGA Over This Tactical Grilling Apron With MOLLE Gear!

The tactical grilling apron with MOLLE gear prepares you for the mission ahead.  MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment.

The MOLLE system uses modularity for quick and easy access to your tactical gear when it’s needed most.

This apron provides load-carrying by including 2 large pouches, 3 small pouches, and several D-rings.

Haul your garrison grilling gear, as-salt & pepper shakers, and COMSEC phone, while concealing your condiments as you prepare for all variables on your next mission.

On the battlefield, the forgotten gear could mean death or injury.  Luckily, on this battlefield, it only means burnt meat or overcooked veggies, but who wants that.

Take all your gear in one trip to meet any challenge you face on those long missions between the kitchen and back porch grill.

Nevermore spilling the spices between the portholes of your deck, you will love grilling with this apron.

If you are shopping for your favorite grunt, this MOLLE gear is a favorite of any military vet, police officer, or firefighter.

A great summer gift for Father’s Day or any other occasion.  See below for more pictures of the tactical grill apron.

Where to Buy the Tactical Grilling Apron with MOLLE Gear

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