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Tactical Vest Koozie Protects Your Drink From the LZ to End of Mission


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A Tactical Vest Koozie Keeps Your Drink Cool and Protected

You’re not always drinking cold ones in garrison.  Sometimes you have to provide overwatch protection for your beer.

Now, the Tactical Vest Koozie can keep your drink cold in a hot LZ.

The tactical koozie comes complete with MOLLE-like attachments for extra gear downrange.

The Tactical Vest Koozie is equipped with MOLLE-like loop fields, adjustable straps, and a flag-inspired patch.

The durable protective gear works with bottles, cans, and sports drink bottles up to 40 ounces.

So strap on your gear and enjoy your favorite craft brew or give them as Father’s Day Gifts, birthday gifts, groomsmen gifts, or just because gifts.

Where to Buy the Personalized Vest Koozie

Sometimes you have to guard your beer like you're under attack, so let our Stars & Stripes tactical beer vest koozie can be your shield. Designed to capture the look of authentic military issue tactical gear, each drink cozy is made from durable polyester
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Stars &Amp; Stripes Tactical Beer Vest Koozie
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