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Cozy TedPop Pop Up Rooftop Tent Brings The Campground To Your Car!


The TedPop is a First-Of-It’s-Kind Hardshell Roof Top Tent that Pops Up With Dual Expandability.

The TedPop pop up rooftop tent delivers all the camping luxuries you know and love, all from the comfort of your own vehicle!

Rooftop tents are a growing commodity, as they allow outdoor enthusiasts to mount their tents- right to the roof of their cars!

This pop up hard shell roof top tent ensures you’ll no longer be cramped for space at the campground!

What are features of the Roof Top Camper Tent?

The roof top camping tent is compactly stored in a durable hard shell rooftop carrier, and comes in your choice of a sleek black or white finish.

Upon expansion,  The TedPop tent opens up with an incredible 360 degree view, thanks to the expandable panels found on each side of the tent.

Tedpop Pop Up Rooftop Tent

The TedPop 5 person roof top tent aims to excel when it comes to comfort, as the tent is made with a premier canvas fabric to ensure easy breathability and waterproofness!

What is included with the Pop Up Roof Top Tent?

The TedPop comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you need for an easy setup!

Included along with the rooftop camping tent, are a 2.3m telescopic ladder, a mounting bracket set, a tension pole, a high density foam mattress (2.5” thick), a ladder cover, an Allen wrench, gas strut locks, two sets of keys, a fabric care card, and an instruction manual.

Additionally, TedPop offers an Annex to provide extra space, without support of the Rooftop Tent as an additional purchase.

What are the specs of the Pop Up Roof Top Tent?

The hardshell roof top tent weighs in at a sturdy 176lbs, comparable to other rooftop tent manufacturers.

When expanded, the elevated tent platform offers a massive interior! With measurements at 120”x125”x50”, the Tedpop can sleep up to 5 people!

Tedpop Pop Up Rooftop Tent

When the time comes for taking the tent down, the aerodynamic roof top tent scales back to a compact 50”x90”x14” to be placed within it’s hardshell carrier.

Tedpop Pop Up Rooftop Tent

More TedPop FAQ’s

Why a Roof Top Tent?

Roof Top Tents can offer increased protection from animals and thieves. In addition, they provide beautiful elevated views of your camping experience. Roof top tents also free up valuable space in your vehicle for other essentials.

How to Mount The TedPop Roof Top Tent?

With the mounting bracket kit and an additional person, the TedPop roof top tent easily mounts in about 5 minutes.

How Much Weight can the Roof Top Tent Hold?

The high-strength aluminum honeycomb panel maintains its shape even with a load of 2000lbs.

Additional advantages of a Roof Top Tent

The convenience of setting up your tent in minutes where you park. No more considering ground layout and location. Ted’s Outdoors roof top tent provides 100% waterproofing to protect you from the elements and a retractable sky flap to sleep under the starts. In addition, the TedPop is much more durable than a traditional tent making this an investment not a purchase.

Roof Top Tent Camping Essentials

While the pop up tent provides ample space for all of your camping needs, you may still want to stock up on some other basic camping goodies.

Some extra pillows, blankets, perhaps even a sleeping bag or two are all wonderful items to pack for when it comes time to bed down for the night.

It’s not camping without a campfire! You may also want to make sure to bring along some extra charcoal and a lighter, for both warmth in the nighttime hours.

Plus your favorite graham crackers, chocolates, and marshmallows to make the quintessential camping snack- S’MORES!

Popular Roof Top Tent Camping Spots

Traveling the world has never been easier with the low profile roof top tent, but you may be asking yourself “Where can I go with my new roof top tent from Ted’s Outdoors?”

For many Car Campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike- some popular locations include the Harrington Beach State Park in Wisconsin, the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas, and the Trillium Lake Campground in Oregon.

Save 18% on the expandable roof top tent while it is crowdfunding and in demand on Indiegogo.

Where to Buy The World’s Largest Rooftop Tent

TEDPoP: World’s First Pop-Up Dual Expandable Tent
TEDPoP: World’s First Pop-Up Dual Expandable Tent
The next generation of the World’s Most Spacious Pop-Up Dual Expandable Hardshell Rooftop Tent
$3340.00 $4100.00

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