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New Tenbrink Anniversary Clock Collection Is Simply Majestic


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The Tenbrink Anniversary Clock Collection Displays Your Time Together, and can be Personalized in Multiple Ways.

The Tenbrink anniversary clock is a unique three-part timepiece that allows for easy viewing of time elapsed since your anniversary.

The top timepiece displays the years, the middle clock displays the months and days, and the bottom clock face displays the hours and minutes.

The Anniversary Clock is a classic timepiece dedicated to commemorating our most memorable moments and events.

This unique clock is 18 inches tall and features three vertical clock faces that display the exact time of your wedding, anniversary, or other special occasions.

A master American clock maker with over 50 years of experience in creating fantastic timepieces created clock movements, faces, and hands.

Tenbrink offers an option to build your very own personalized clock.

The premium clock faces come in Royal Black, Royal White, Sapphire Blue, Rose Gold, Cosmopolitan Black, and Cosmopolitan White, and 3 base stain options.

Tenbrink Anniversary Clock Royal Collection

Elegant gold rings with a white or black face trim the Royals Collection.

Standing on a 100% Mahogany base, this contemporary-styled clock stands out among any furnishing or backdrop.

Tenbrink Anniversary Clock Collection Royal

The Clock is protected by a glass dome that can be removed. The clock’s unusual shape and design are due to the replaceable custom-blown glass.

Tenbrink Anniversary Clock Cosmo Collection

The Cosmopolitan Collection has silver rings with a white or black face that are ageless.

This is the classic style, which goes with almost any setting. It comes with our stunning 100 percent mahogany base.

Tenbrink Anniversary Clock Collection Cosmopolitan

Standard, light, and dark stains are available for the Mahogany wood base on either clock.

The base can also be displayed in piano black.

Engrave a nameplate with names and dates to personalize the anniversary clock.

have a song that they both claim as their own? Load the MP3 into either clock using an SD card and an adaptor.

The Tenbrink Anniversary Clock keeps “together time” from the first anniversary up to your 50th anniversary.  It is a jaw-dropping wedding gift, anniversary gift, or thoughtful valentine’s day gift.

Where to Buy the Tenbrink Anniversary Clock

Tenbrink Anniversary Clocks
Tenbrink Anniversary Clocks

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