Tenikle Is A Flexible Suction Cup Mount With Epic Versatility


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Tenikle is an All-in-One Suction Cup Phone Holder, Cup Holder, Camera Tripod, Selfie Stick & so much more!

The Tenikle Flexible Suction Cup Holder HAS to be one of the most versatile tech accessories we have ever posted.

There are literally endless uses for this octopus-inspired gripper.

If you are into doing more and carrying less, the Tenikle is an accessory that you need.

It is extremely portable and can roll up into a 2.5″ ball.

Tenikle 2 Flexible Suction Cup Camera Holder

When you are ready to use it in your car, kitchen, or outdoor activity, just unroll it, wrap it, and stick something to it.

The suction cups adhere to glass, plastic, tile, granite, and many other smooth surfaces.

The suction cup mount is as durable as it is flexible.

It has an inner core of zero-break high-strength alloy that allows it to maintain its shape when you wrap it and the insanely strong suction cups hold up to 15 lbs when you stick it.

You can use the flexible octopus mount as a tripod, selfie stick, car mount, bike mount, and so much more!

Tenikle 2 Flexible Suction Cup Tablet Holder

Use it to watch videos without holding your device, Facetime hands-free, or vlog with ease.

On the chance that your phone case does not have a smooth surface, you can use their Dot Adapters or the clip included in the Shutterbug Kit.

The revolutionary flexible mount comes in black, red, and teal.

Where to Buy the Tenikle Flexible Suction Cup Holder

Tenikle® 360° Octopus Mount
Tenikle® 360° Octopus Mount

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